We believe that the most successful organisations of tomorrow will be more purposeful, digitally enabled and better connected.

We co-create with our client partners strategies and then empower talent to achieve better business relevant and fit for the future.

By leveraging technology led change we help organisations realise digital dividends including:

  • Protecting your right to operate through vision and purpose
  • Benefitting from technology and digital transformation to enable your future plans
  • Accelerating growth through ways of working that drive efficiencies, motivating and inspiring your people to co-create and collaborate
  • Accelerating growth through ways of connecting that build lasting relationships with your audience
  • Creating constant improvement with better data and actionable insight

We do this by

  • Thinking about people first, and why they should care
  • Helping business leaders deliver the strategic value in digital
  • Creating the space to think creatively and innovate
  • Activating new technology in the workplace
  • Engaging your customers and stakeholders with valuable exchange


Ben Hart
20 years of digital in one form or another. Prior to Atmosphere Ben founded and built two high profile agencies. He's a teaching professor at an international business school, consults here on everything digital transformation and is the founder of TRVST endeavouring to also do a little good in the world.
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Hans Gillior
Senior Advisor in Agile/Digital Transformation Advisory enabling digital success by mastering digital leadership coaching, business development, continuous change management and digital governance.
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Stephen Moffit
A practical futurist helping businesses make sense of today and create their future through innovation, transformation and strategic pivots.
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Chris Shaw
A creative at heart, I have spent the last 20 years helping business leaders around the world maximise growth and achieve the results they really want, all against the backdrop of change.
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Dan Wilkinson
Creative Director who has spent the past 18 years working across Digital, Brand and Advertising for leading global agencies and from within FSTE 100 companies. Dan's Gravitational Brand® methodology completely rethinks how we look at, structure and maintain brands.
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Tarang Patel
20 years leading technology architecture, innovation and more recently championing agile delivery methodologies to deliver best in class digital product as part of large scale digital transformations.
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Andrew Kallman
Andrew delivers world-class guidance, coaching, training and mentoring to organizations that are on a Transformational Journey. The co-author of the best selling "Flow" Andrew has over 35 years coaching. training and mentoring executive teams worldwide.
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Christina Rydgren
Experienced Senior Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the business development, information technology and services industry. Strong community and social services professional skilled in Change Management, Business Process and Business (Digital) Transformation.
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Jay Venti
Jay's focus is on the real-world application of cutting edge technology, especially where hardware and software meet. From startups to corporations like Nest and the BBC, he has helped senior teams understand the impact of new technologies and developed cutting-edge services to take advantage of them.
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