Creating Innovative Digital Experiences

Digital experience is everywhere. We help organisations acheive digital experience innovation for competitive advantage 

If your brand, product and services fail to create real and meaningful customer value that helps to solve customer problems, simply put they're likely to go elsewhere. 

Accelerating growth requires shared responsibility coupled with the right people, skills and behaviours to ensure plans are actioned and prove successful. We work with our client partners to realise their plans, driving momentum internally to align and succeed.We achieve this through proven programmes of skills transfer, coaching and accountability checks to first kick start and then to maintain momentum and growth.

We demystify digital and its many complexities to help you focus on audience-first value.

Technology and its means to collect data now enables a truer understanding of your internal and external audiences and how they behave. Perhaps more crucially, it is now more important than ever to meet their heightened expectations of both brand and employee experience. Atmosphere helps you to understand the changing needs and motivations of your audiences and stakeholders to deliver relevance – what they want and when they want it.

Value Creation Sprint

Our value creation sprint helps you answer the following questions:

  • How can we innovative to create more customer value?
  • What do we need to change to be better than the rest?
  • What does the future of value creation look like for my customers?
  • How to we create and build digital value at the pace of digital?

Program of Work

Delivered fast over 90 days we field our best in class experts to faciliate a tailored, involving and high impact program of work:

Customer understanding

For whom do we create value?

  • Customer centricity
  • Understanding their needs & motivations
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Best practice
  • Bringing the outside in
solution finding

How do we create future value?

  • Creative problem solving
  • Exploring what could be
  • New product development
  • Value adds
Value creation

How do I get it done? Faster?

  • Fast prototyping
  • Experiments and tests
  • Agile sprint working
  • Collaborative production
  • Delivery eco-systems


Creating Value for the Future
Helping you find and deliver innovative ways to create future value for your customers
Innovation Delivered
Achieving the means to co-create innovative approaches to value creation and deliver them
Value Creation at Pace
Working in partnership to help you accelerate value creation in response to the increasing pace of change

Explore Your Opportunity to Create Future Value



  • “A great mix of passion, fun and commitment whilst ensuring clarity on what needs to be delivered. This ensured an excellent result”
    Neal Taylor, Castrol (BP)
  • "Pragmatic, practical and deliverable advice - delivered every time. If you need help this is one phone call you can't afford to miss making"
    Marc Lawn, International Manging Director
  • "I first met Ben at one of his workshops and I was blown away"
    Rita Leat, CEO, IOP
  • "I highly value the constructive challenge that Atmosphere bring to the table, the actionable insights, and their robust approach to digital transformation"
    Laura Harrison, Director of Strategy, CIPD
  • "Atmosphere set the bar for our digital opportunity, supporting the team and I to create a compelling vision and clear roadmap to succeed in health and nutrition"
    Jessica Frame, CEO, NutriCentre (a Tesco business)
  • "Atmosphere shapes strategy and gives clarity in the digital landscape, I swear they see shapes where the rest of us only see fog!"
    Muriel Lotto, Marketing Director, Bupa International
  • "Atmosphere are the ideal partner to lead digital product. We’ve collaborated closely on the strategy and launch of portfolio companies. Atmosphere have great ideas, the team are a delight to work with, they know their stuff and make things happen"
    Isabel Fox, Head of Venture Capital, White Cloud Capital
  • "A highly engaging and thought provoking session that really challenged us to think outside of the norm and fostered more innovative approaches to our work and services"
    Elaine Williams, Listening into Action Lead, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Our Client Partners

Lloyds BankCoca Cola
The GuardianCastrol
General Medical CouncilOBS
aatHult International Business School

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Empowering Actions for Impact

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We believe that more than ever its important for business to play a meaningful role for good in the societies in which they operate. Solely extracting value from our operations to benefit the few feels dated in a world where people are choosing to engage, work for and buy from organisations that have a purpose beyond profit. And in a world facing up to some pretty thorny challenges the resources that businesses have available - skills, capital and reach - adeptly leveraged, can have a big impact on people's lives.

Putting our money where our mouth is we created TRVST to empower collective action for social good. Whereas still very much on the build, we've big plans to connect resources into actionable social impact projects to accelerate social impact.

You can check out our progress at or feel free to drop us a line to find out more.
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