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Oxygen event
November 24th, 2016
October Gallery, Clerkenwell
Xmas Canapes & Purposeful Inspiration

Back in July the Atmosphere Foundation hosted a sublime evening convening our network around purpose and inspiration. We’re now called TRVST and we’ve been working hard over the summer to firm up our plans to create real impact.

Join us at the wonderful October Gallery in Clerkenwell for an evening of inspired talks, amazing people (including you) and spirited networking. During the evening we’ll share our progress and promise a brilliant night.

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Joining us on the night are 4 amazing speakers from different walks:


Jessica Frame
Previously at Tesco and now CEO at The Vet

Jessica will be sharing a personal journey from cutting teeth in traditional corporates to leading a PE social enterprise. Helping us to understand that we all have the permission to make our passions central to our endeavours and the choice is our own.


Alan Moore
Business innovator

Alan changes the way people understand and think about the world, and how their businesses can succeed in a world of constant change. Alan will talk to us about his life’s mission, building beautiful businesses.


Adah Parris
Personal branding expert and enthusiastic curator of people, patterns and stories

Adah is interested in a human-centred design, storytelling and the application of business models as an approach to problem solving, understanding the value of personal brand equity, and nurturing and building brand partnerships (relationships). Adah will share with us her thinking about the borders of our own identities and what could be possible if we become adventurers into the unknown depths of our own silences?


Nicola Millson
Commercial Opportunities for Social and Environmental Change

Nicola works with large companies, NGO’s, civil society and entrepreneurs to design innovative social and environmental solutions – that deliver commercial return. For Interface, she set-up a global innovation programme towards Mission Zero. For Marks & Spencer, she helped “bring sustainability to life” for suppliers. For the Carbon Trust, she originated a property fund to encourage a shift to a low carbon economy. Nicola will share with us her thinking on business riddles that make sense, and how business is social.

We do hope that you can join us! For more information on all things TRVST, please head to

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