Atmosphere Inspires Edition 008

Sam Colyer
Atmosphere Inspires is our regular curation of news and views from the digital sphere; the lead stories that are affecting you and your business. In this edition we’re looking at how advances in health technology are challenging and reshaping an entire sector.

Stories catching our attention

Pre-cert to speed up FDA application process

The US FDA has announced the pilot of new program "Pre-cert" which aims to expedite their product approval process. Nine companies have signed up including Apple, Fitbit and Samsung: they're tapped into the growing consumer demand for healthcare tech. Like other sectors, healthcare will have to face the regulators, but the FDA have pre-empted possible limitations by ensuring that processes and procedures are upgraded in parallel with digital enhancements.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) looks to Blockchain technology

The CDC wants in on blockchain to share public health data which will help facilitate the management of infectious diseases. There will be obstacles to overcome, but Chief Software Architect Jim Nasr sees an obvious connection: “Public health and blockchain really do belong together”. The way in which data is shared, stored, moved and utilised is evolving and it's clear that blockchain will continue to play a big role. The financial services industry is already starting to utilise blockchain in this way and it's catching on quickly with aviation, archaeology and energy services all looking to use the shared ledger technology.

What else is happening?

Dai-ichi Life Insurance advances app offering

Accenture has helped Dai-ichi expand its digital health promotion services to include the analysis of medical exam results and an innovative FaceAI feature. Accenture has been heavily involved in the design of the app to ensure that Dai-ichi can compete with some of the leading Western offerings. Advances in technology and growing customer expectations are intrinsically linked: companies need to tap into and respond to customer demand in order to remain competitive and relevant.

Leaders must take risks to improve NHS digital offering

Director of NHS Digital's collaboration service Cleveland Henry says the NHS must up its digital game and that clinicians need to provide leadership on a local level by taking risks and exploring new ways of working. Having the right leadership in place to move a company forward in the digital world is key: risks related to digital advancements should be weighed up not in isolation but alongside the opportunities.

Apple to take a slice of the healthcare market

From iphone apps to Apple watch, Apple has a large market share, and healthcare is another big industry to tap into. So far their digital offerings have been around wellness, but there's talk of expansion into managing long term health conditions. The possibilities could eventually be endless: it could revolutionise patient care and offer an unprecedented personal experience for users.

When tattoos get smart

Scientists have designed smart tattoos that monitor your health by changing colour. Whilst the concept is still being developed, it's a great example of where unconventional thinking can take you. Not only would this create a personal experience for the user, it’s a step towards monitoring and treating various diseases. For those not keen on the inked look, worry not, the developers are working on invisible ink which can only be viewed via the light of a smartphone.

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