Atmosphere Inspires Edition 011

Sam Colyer
Atmosphere Inspires is our regular curation of news and views from the digital sphere; the lead stories that are affecting you and your business. In this edition we’re looking at how technology is driving forward recruitment and the need to create space for innovation culture.

Stories catching our attention

Fama offer analysis to speed up recruitment process

fama social media screening atmosphere The tagline of cloud-based software company Fama is “using machine learning to analyze a candidates web presence”. The majority of candidates today have an online profile, allowing companies to glean far more information about a potential employee than your standard CV. Fama’s social media screening offering will save copious amounts of time used on the early stages of the recruitment process - freeing up HR resource to focus on productive human interaction to further a people focused culture.

Disruptor Hiring Hub raises £1.4m

Recruitment disruptor Hiring Hub has raised £1.4m for technology to enable better relationships between employers and agencies. Technology is being utilised here to help improve human interaction rather than create a disconnect; a notion that leaders and businesses should be looking to exploit. Simplifying and speeding up processes creates valuable time for employees to collaborate, develop and support a dynamic innovative culture.

What else is happening?

Small British businesses excited for AI recruitment

Recruitment technology platform SomeoneWho has carried out new research which suggests that more than three quarters (79%) of HR managers in British small businesses are excited/optimistic about using AI powered recruitment. As you'd expect, concerns were also raised, with a lack of personal touch cited as one of the big ones. AI recruitment is likely to be the way forward, but when complemented with valuable and critical human input we think the balance will see us moving towards smarter and more productive recruitment processes.

Push wins Google innovation and culture award

Push, a UK advertising company and Google Premier Partner has won the first Google Global Award for mobile innovation. Push says the win is down to their successful culture, based predominantly around reactions to digital change, treating staff like family, clear communication and careful goal setting. A good story here of how building the right culture will serve as a strong foundation to build and thrive upon. A well respected and knowledgeable workforce is key to driving any business forward and should be a top priority for leaders to get right.

Innovation culture and how to change it up

Interesting article here from Forbes with eight ways to transform your company’s innovation culture. The problem with effective innovation can stem from a company’s inability to get the culture right at the beginning. To ride the digital transformation wave successfully leaders should be creating space, particularly in traditional HR departments where time should be taken to redefine company culture and challenge old ways of working.

Zume over and grab a slice

Using robots to makes pizza, tech start-up company Zume has managed to raise almost $50 million. Zume uses both employees and robots to make the pizzas, giving robots the repetitive simple tasks and leaving product development, food prep and responding to public feedback to human employees. By automating the less valued tasks, human employees can spend more time developing the perfect pizza: a concept which could be taken on across a number of different industries.

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