Atmosphere Inspires Edition 013

Sam Colyer

Atmosphere Inspires is our regular curation of news and views from the digital sphere; the lead stories that are affecting you and your business. In this edition we’re looking at how technology can shape new year resolutions, support personal development and what might be in store for a digital 2018.

Stories catching our attention

Zuckerberg pledges to fix Facebook issues from 2017

Zuckerberg is setting his own personal challenge this year to “fix” Facebook, addressing 2017 issues around hacking and abuse. It’s not a bad practice for businesses to take heed of: the fresh new beginning of another year is always a time to look forward, but it should also be a time to reflect on problematic areas, setting goals to rectify issues in order to create a solid foundation on which to start the new year.

Apple challenged over battery slowdown

A story which nobody could have missed over the Christmas period was the Apple battery slowdown crisis, forcing Apple to issue a quick response in attempt to explain themselves. The initial story is blowing over, but whether negative news stories are enough to dissuade diehard Apple users is probably unlikely. What remains key though as we move into 2018 is the growing plethora of choice available to consumers and increasing importance of ethical, transparent brands.

What else is happening?

Technology to support New Years resolutions

From the likes of fitness trackers, personal trainers and quit smoking support, technology is offering a whole new way to help keep New Years resolutions. Using technology based platforms to monitor and track personal development isn't necessarily a new concept, but the pace at which technology is growing means these personalised functions are likely to become more and more integrated into many aspects of our everyday lives and it won't be long before we we're not sure how we lived without them.

Technology which is set to trend in 2018

Forbes look here at technology trends that will dominate 2018. There are many similar lists flying around at this time of year, and it’s safe to say that many of these trends will continue to grow and develop further. What caught our eye here was the growing access that businesses will have to personal data. What with new data legislation (EUGDPR) coming into effect this year there will of course be privacy concerns to consider. But as the article suggests, there are many benefits to be gained from using personalised data in the right way. The healthcare industry would no doubt benefit, but businesses in general may also look to create personal experiences both for customers and employees.

Women are thriving in tech roles

Gender equality in business is always a hot topic and no more so than today. As we continue to move forward into a technology driven world it’s interesting and important to consider the high paying tech roles where women thrive. Whether it’s a digital marketing manager or businesses analyst, women are becoming more prominent in these roles which hopefully signifies a change in attitude in the overarching IT industry which has previously been dominated by men.

Crowdfunding opens up opportunities for businesses

Through a variety of measures (such as ICO’s), crowdfunding is becoming more popular thanks to accessible technology. We love these top ten most curious crowdfunded campaigns which outline the sheer variety of companies now raising funds via this medium. Not only does technology offer startup businesses a chance to obtain funding from avenues that wouldn't have been available previously, but it allows them to share their brand and ethos to unlimited audiences across the world.

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