Atmosphere Inspires Edition 015

Sam Colyer

Atmosphere Inspires is our regular curation of news and views from the digital sphere; the lead stories that are affecting you and your business. In this edition we’re taking a look at apps: there’s been a variety of stories recently, with some getting some good press and others finding themselves in the firing line…

Stories catching our attention

Strava in hot water over security breach

Strava Fitness App

Fitness app Strava has received plenty of media interest recently when it mistakenly pinpointed the locations of several secret military bases. The sheer speed in which technology is evolving can make it difficult to identify every possible risk before it arises, but this story should serve as a stark reminder for all businesses that there should be some lateral thinking around sensitive data to ensure it is kept it safe and secure.

Natural Cycles app investigated by the regulator

Contraceptive App

The Natural Cycles contraceptive app is under fire after being blamed for a number of unwanted pregnancies: the app is now under investigation by the regulator. What’s fascinating here is how this app, based on smart algorithms, has earned such a high degree of reliance and trust. It’s a tricky one, because you have to wonder, at what point can one diminish their sense of accountability? As we increase our dependancy on technology the decision from the regulator of where the blame lies will be very interesting.

What else is happening?

Google's Bulletin to encourage diverse local news

Google is currently testing an app called Bulletin which would let anyone publish a news story. It’s aimed at communities sharing local news and there's potential for it to instigate diverse dialogue as well as offering people a voice and platform on which to engage. We think technology which supports social development and makes content shareable and accessible deserves investment attention, so we’re looking forward to watching this one develop.

Snapchat invests to allow advertisers to evaluate spend


Snapchat is investing in new tools to allow advertisers to better evaluate their spend on the platform: an area it has struggled with in comparison to the likes of Facebook. In terms of advertising, it will be crucial for Snapchat to ensure the right content is reaching the right audience: app users often have very little time or patience for interruptions so adverts must complement rather than distract from the experience.

Apple to bring health records to the iphone

Going digital is helping to revolutionise the health industry, and supporting this further is Apple’s new health app which will help users access medical records on iPhones. It’s a simple concept, but one that will surely have a positive impact on our ability to live a healthy lifestyle. Apps are evolving at a startling rate, helping to develop our smart "phones" into personalised control centres which benefit and complement our everyday lives.

Timeless app developed by 14 year old

timeless app

By using AI and face recognition, 14 year old Emma Yang is developing "Timeless", an app which helps alzheimers patients recognize their loved ones. We love this story, who wouldn't, it serves as a reminder that Generation Z, who have been immersed in technology since childhood, are going to have a lot to offer in terms of advanced digital thinking. It can be easy for corporates to dismiss youth as lacking experience or insight, but companies may find the new generation will help to digitally evolve and redirect businesses in ways that were never thought possible.

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