How do you become the best UK Association

For this guest blog we are privileged to be able to share insight from Lindsay Melvin. Lindsay Melvin, previously the CEO at the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (the CIPP), led the organisation to be voted the best UK association for 2016. In addition CIPP is recognised in the Times top 100 best NFP businesses to work for. We asked Lindsay how he achieved these 2 highly regarded accolades, his key ingredients for success include:
  • Innovation-bringing new services to suit members’ needs
  • Continual interaction and feedback from the members
  • Offering trial membership for a limited period at a no cost/low cost
  • Demonstrate you are the narrow funnel in the egg timer-filtering industry information into bite size digestible chunks which members understand
  • Develop an affordable global strategy if applicable
  • Develop strategic partnerships with a variety of bodies
  • Always look for win win relationships
  • Be an effective listener in any meeting
  • Be bold
  • Develop staff who are empowered
  • Treat all your team with respect
  • Do a regular walk round to speak to each staff member
  • Develop a no blame culture
  • Let all your staff dream their dreams
  • Have a to be list as well as a to do list
  • Don’t dismiss any idea without evaluation
  • Most things are possible so don’t close doors without looking for solutions
  • Develop trust with your Board if you can
  • Try to work out what motivates your Board to serve-do they have any personal agendas and is that compatible with what is best for the Association?
  • Look after your key customers
  • Never be complacent
  • Think BIG
  • Don’t let your eyes off that summit-it is a hard climb so choose your route carefully
  • Encourage staff wellbeing in all respects
  • Lead by example
  • Smile!
Lindsay Melvin has now moved on from the CIPP and is passionate about 'making a difference'

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