Maximising ROI on technology

Burke Turner
Digital as behaviour, not technology. Spend for ROI, not for technology. The future will belong to those who are able to move their business closer to the speed of thought, while it will slip through the fingers of those who focus on constraining their talent with excessive process. The trend of rising employee productivity in line with technology has curbed, and we are working ever longer hours in an always connected society. The tools to enable your business to work are nothing more; tools are required but do not create collaboration. With all that is the cloud, beautiful design, smooth UX, and all the bells and whistles, what is on the market today is incredible. But it is the client that needs to do the difficult work; ensuring that the tool is fit for purpose, and that the behaviours to extract the value from the tool are in place. ROI doesn't come as a boilerplate feature, that's up to you to deliver. Digital Transformation (the customer centric, design thinking influenced evolution of change management) is the result of adopting new ways of working, understanding and leveraging more intimate ways of connecting with audiences, and all powered by more agile cultures that embrace change and demand communication. It’s not the other way round. Never has the old adage of ‘build it and they will come’ been further from the truth when it comes to rolling out intranets and digital tools. Yes, the tools need to be in place, but culture changes the power of tools, therefore it’s wise to plan to invest in your people, not just the tools.

So where do you start to increase ROI on your technology investment?

Start with behaviours. The key to unlocking the next phase of productivity is simple, primal, and obvious: collaboration. While tools enable, ultimately the behaviour is what you are tasked to change, so before you set out to find the latest and greatest piece of kit, look first to your people and their behaviours. Collaboration has the opportunity to thrive when people work with transparency, an aligned vision, and have shared goals, so before you look at the technology, it may be a good time to evaluate your current behaviours. Do you need a committee of departmental leaders to meet in order to move forward with most projects? Are your best ideas trapped within their silo and seldom see the light of day? Do you have projects across the building repeating efforts, only to have the penny drop at a quarterly or monthly review point? You are not alone in your journey of unlocking greater ROI from your technology expenditure. Join Atmosphere at one of our central London events as we walk you through how to drive the human agenda alongside technology on your organisation’s journey.

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