People-Centric Transformation

Martin Colyer

With an alarmingly long trail of failed digital transformation initiatives reported across industries, it has become apparent that organisations are not putting their employees at the heart of the transformation process. At Atmosphere, we believe that they deserve a far better deal. In order for any business to achieve its desired digital maturity, the key element must be its people, not just its technology. We believe this to lead to a more people-centric transformation.

Organisations have it within their power to make changes to the way people work. However, many are not evolving far or fast enough. As pointed out in a recent article as part of the World Economic Forum on Latin America, organisations will need to acquire an entirely new cultural framework to ensure each employee has the opportunity to participate in this new environment.

This new digital HR/people strategy needs a new operational model... Senior management and leadership should encourage every member of the organization to take responsibility by providing the necessary framework, tools and incentives.”
- Jorge Becerra, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

These changes in the workforce and workplace are significant and disruptive. And they’re already here. No less than 85% of enterprise decision-makers believe they have 2 years to make inroads on digital transformation before suffering financially and falling behind their competitors.

This is more than just applying new technology and doing cool digital stuff. Organisations will need to reinvent themselves in line with the digital age, and develop a new culture with agility and adaptation at its heart. But this is easier said than done. How to you mitigate the risks? How do you orchestrate and manage the change process?

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