State of content creation and distribution

In recent years, consumption of online content has become key consideration for businesses. Content and consumption has shifted away from publisher’s site onto social platforms and even rich search results. The pace of change is increasing and this is only the beginning! Social Media used to display links in user's feed and drive traffic elsewhere but gradually social platforms simplified their UX. People are now accessing directly rich and active content (content users choose to watch) on social. Furthermore, with Facebook launching instant articles, Instagram and Twitter changing their algorithm the control over organic and paid reach has become more resource hungry, fantastic for the investors of these tech companies no doubt. This simple and logical change has a big impact on content marketing and advertising. Now, more than ever, the need to create exceptional content that is shareable and placed intelligently deserves investment attention. Even the final assets are changing shape, literally, with campaigns from global brands being delivered to fit vertical mobile screens (use of new layouts and file sizes etc.). For brands, the game is slightly more complicated. Ads are less relevant (are you using an adblocker yet?), consumers are more educated... Advertising is not what it use to be. Solution: Brand must understand what it means to create content to reach an audience in the right place and context in order to create relationships with them. The main problem is cutting through the noise and only good content with perfect distribution strategy will succeed. Content led digital marketing strategies + smart distribution strategies = Success (or at least be in the game) If content optimised for social is still not your priority; consider that a company like Buzzfeed has a dedicated team to create original content for social media. The website is no longer their only primary channel and this might convince you to consider your focus.  So what? Remember that we can no longer exploit or invade consumers shamelessly. We have to estimate, pamper, surprise our audience. In the Digital world, the consumer is finally King (or Queen, or a bit of both)! Louis  

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