The Atmosphere Foundation in 2016


Its feels like an age has passed since we had our inaugural event launching the Atmosphere Foundation.

On September 11th we were privileged to be joined by 65 of Atmosphere’s nearest and dearest at the church of the Holy Redeemer in Clerkenwell. Pulled together in a little less than 6 weeks, a little rough around the edges, eclectic and wonderful I firmly believe we did ourselves proud. Having come away with the warmest glow, encouraged by the energy of our guests, and having achieved one of the highlights of my working career it’s well and truly time to start building on this first success.

Reflecting back, what a brilliant evening! Assia did an amazing job of feeding a room with an Italian feast that delivered not just delicious food but filled the room with the warmth of her generosity complete with family whilst bringing the delights of Umbria to Clerkenwell for a night. James Dubios provoked us to leave a legacy, Nicola Millson talked making choices based on purpose, Burke Turner and Belle Chen delighted us with a piano and trumpet duet and Nick Hudson performed a storm composing songs especially for the evening.

We raised over £3000 for DrugFam and Elizabeth Burton-Phillips stole the show with genuine passion for her cause and the amazing work she does. Harriet and Richard, on ridiculously short notice as the MC (me!) started to bottle it nobly, stood up and auctioned fabulous goods from Umbria, holidays and fine wine - huge thanks too Assia, her parents and John Sunderland for their donations.

With 2016 well and truly underway it's time to start to build and expand our thinking around our own purpose. My interest increasingly revolves around  Atmosphere Foundation’s ambition to corral will to amplify impact. To focus on inspiring and connecting individuals to bring real change. With so many amazing, talented and interesting souls around the place and so many places to apply our thought or effort the biggest challenge right now is where and how to move forward.

In the spirit of the first event,  number two is in the pipeline, off the blocks and in play. Come July we’ll reconvene and notch things up a touch.

Meanwhile so many people that were interested in the first event have expressed an interest to be involved further. The Atmosphere Foundation has every promise of fulfilling it potential for us to come together to do great things - watch this space.


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