Dan Wilkinson

Dan is a true creative generalist who has spent the past 18 years working across Digital, Brand and Advertising for leading global agencies and from within FSTE 100 companies. He’s launched new international brands, built departments and developed hundreds of digital and physical experiences in pretty much every sector. Dan’s past clients include American Express, British Heart Foundation, Cineworld, De Beers, Emirates NBD, HSBC, Jaguar, Land Rover, Legal & General, Lexus, Lloyds TSB, Lucozade, McVities, National Rail, NFU Mutual, Nokia, Post-It, Premier Inn, San Miguel, Seat, Sensodyne, Simple, Smokefree, Sony Ericsson, TUI, UEFA, Virgin Media, Visa and Volvo.

In 2019, Dan formed EVEN - an independent consultancy that focuses on refining and optimising brands to better perform across entire offerings and organisations. Working with a wide range of businesses from innovative tech start-ups to GenZ social media platforms to inner-city youth charities and international banks, Dan has developed a unique approach to evaluating, mapping, optimising and managing brands of any shape or size. The EVEN method for brand mapping has been used by over 1000 individuals and organisations worldwide while the groundbreaking Gravitational Brand® methodology completely rethinks how we look at, structure and maintain brands.

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