Hans Gillior

I am a curious digital transformation coach and advisor with an ambition to understand the impact of digital transformation on societies, businesses and people. Making a difference in the world! I have been coaching CXOs in various industries for more than 15 years and helping them to realise their ambitions in the digital business landscape – with excellent results. 

For many years, I worked as a senior manager at Nordea Bank with responsibility for Group IT Strategy and Governance. It was an opportunity to learn and master the internal company dynamics, change inertia and tackle leadership challenges. Entrepreneurship is part of my DNA and I have experience of starting various businesses and also gaining international fame as an acknowledged writer and speaker in the digital transformation domain.

Academically, I have a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology and also a master’s degree in Business Administration from Henley Management College. The combination of technology and business has defined my career and hence viewing IT/Digital from a business perspective. The MBA dissertation focused on business transformation comparing different cultures and behaviour. It provided me valuable insights and a strong interest in the importance of leadership and culture for successful digital transformation.

I am an International Fellow of the Institute for Digital Transformation contributing to international standards, thought leadership and methods for digital transformation. I am based in Stockholm/Sweden but view myself as a global citizen supporting companies and organizations worldwide.

Motto: “It takes attitude to reach altitude”

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