Stephen Moffit

I am an "intrapreneur" and strategic advisor working with companies pivoting toward delivering digital or data products and services. Whether it's a new programme, integrating a tech acquisition or building development capacity to support new platforms, I lead the start-up phase and help transition the venture into growth phase. I have started up new digital ventures for both private and public sector organisations across a range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, media and publishing. I also consult on digital transformation strategies with the aim of creating adaptive businesses that can thrive in uncertainty.

All of this is based on a larger framework that shapes my strategic and leadership approach. This paradigm perspective comes from 30 years of research and reflection on my experience. Understanding the process of paradigm shifts leads to a different focus for transformation and innovation.

I have a BA in communications from Temple University and a PhD in Law from Birkbeck, where my research was on developing a pardigmatic framework to analyse the disruptions taking place in copyright law. In addition to my academic publications, I have published articles on transformation and data, as well as given talks in North America, Europe and the Caribbean. I am also a published author of poetry, short stories and a science fiction novel, Sea of Dreams, that imagined a future Data Age. 

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