Actionable Data

A great deal of data will already exist within your organisation. In our experience it is not uncommon to see a multitude of dashboard and reports being shared and distributed, sometimes the reporting function overtakes that objective of being able to leverage this data to inform business improvement.

Being able to appropriately leverage data to test, learn and iterate is the one of the ingredients of success for future business. The ability to interpret, analyse and arrive at the right insights is something that should transcend a department of single role in order to be effective.


  • Helping navigate the deluge of data to find the points that are critical and can inform improvement
  • Building processes and skills that analyse and interpret rather than simply report and digest
  • Linking actionable date to business objectives such that these inputs inform and provoke change
  • Making it meaningful, many people in business do not come from strong mathematical background and telling stories around data and illustrating where appropriate helps people to understand
  • Working out what matters and why it’s important, lots of social chatter for example with the wrong audience does not a sale make

The Questions We Can Help You Answer 

  • Is the data we own and acquire being use effectively in the organisation and by owners of initiatives and work streams to constantly improve?
  • Where are the gaps in knowledge that we might be able to close to promote better use of data?
  • What tools and mechanics are best use to arrive at data that offers up return?
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