Customer Journey Mapping

Our customers find us in different ways, and increasingly any path to purchase or becoming a client is a multichannel one where a great deal of the information, education and engagement required to drive customer acquisition lives in the digital world.

Each touchpoint has a role. On our owned web we craft our message, we gain third party endorsement on review sites, and drive brand sentiment on linkedin or on social. It’s critical that we are thinking multichannel and understanding that on each platform different levels of engagement and messaging work in different ways to progress prospective customers through the purchase cycle or to deliver our products and services whilst improving retention.

Other providers or competitors are only a click away in the online space. In order to compete we have to deliver to the heightened expectations that our audience now have of online content and engagement.q

Mapping Customer Journeys enables us to assess how different channels (and the content that fuels them) can be mapped to achieve our objectives. This also provides a framework for improvement once it is understood what is working and where gains can be had across the touchpoints that really matter.

The Questions We Can Help You Answer 

  • What outcomes are desired for each of our audience profiles?
  • What states do we recognise across the customer journey?
  • How well are we really doing?
  • Which channels, content and messaging play which roles across the journey?
  • Where are these areas for improvement, and what is the likely gain to explore return on effort or impact?
  • How do we measure and align data from various sources to gain an overview and appropriate measures across the total journey?
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