Digital Leadership Development

We now see significant and accelerating shifts in how people within the organisation work; everything from BYOD through to how knowledge, data and shared learning are communicated between cross functional teams and across external networks. This is finally breaking down silos and barriers to innovation. The flip side is that organisations need to quickly fill this freed capacity with a new ‘operating system’ to unlock suddenly emerging capacities at the “speed of digital”. This urgently requires digital leaders that “get it”.

It is the change makers that will turn digital opportunity into profit. Digital leadership promotes efficient value exchange by bringing in digital talent, building internal capability and leveraging the global marketplace for skills in an open networked economic system. This is a paradigm shift, as we are moving from scarcity to a model of abundance.

As partners in your digital transformation, Atmosphere arms your leadership with the inspiration, thought leadership, tools, and frameworks with which to act, supporting leadership growth and the unlocking of latent talent within your organisation.


Passionate about insights

  • Listening / Learning / Adapting (as a continuous cycle)
  • Staying abreast of changing technology
  • Understanding changing customer behaviour e.g. ‘tinderisation’ of society

Driven to create:

  • Business advantage
  • Increased customer value
  • Innovative approaches

Obsessed with pace and agility

  • Rapid decision making
  • Pioneering and risk taking
  • Open collaboration


Our bespoke programs to inspire and skill up digital leaders are shaped in the context of the organisational opportunity and the digital maturity of the organisation. This is very important, because what works for Zappos might not work for you.

We constructively challenge and promote an evolved skill set for leaders, help unlock latent talent and inspire catalysts to make your business more digital.

Our proven process is bespoke to each individual business circumstance. Whether a full end to end program or a short injection of digital inspiration and skills transfer to incrementally improve, we can help.

The Questions We Can Help You Answer 

  • How do my digital activity and role modeling actions speak; are they louder than my words?
  • How can I help our senior team to get authentic buy in for our digital initiatives?
  • What gaps, knowledge or otherwise, does our senior team have that we need to identify and work to close?*
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Imagining & Delivering Better

Helping you Adapt
Building your resilience and adaptability in the face of uncertainty
Creating Value for the Future
We co-create with you meaningful value for real people
Accelerating into Better
Realising your future opportunity and solving tomorrows problems

We Are Here to Help You Move Forward 

Kick Start Workshops

Kick start the next step on your journey to be future ready. Our kick start workshops are 7-10 day long mini engagements centred around a high impact workshop, delivered face to face or virtually. 

We facilitate and co-create with you a practical and actionable response to your current needs to help prepare for what's next. And align around the steps you need to take to move forward.

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