(Digital) Strategy

Atmosphere leverages the strawman approach to capturing strategies and plans which articulates in summary form the component parts of the transformational journey.

New opportunities particularly in the digital space where pace and agility are required to keep up with outside threats and challengers regularly require changes to the way that a business is structured, operates and performs.

The definition of strawman strategy is one that can be built relatively efficiently and shaped in a form that can be interrogated and finessed. Much like a real life strawman in the likely event that through feedback loops and input should the strategy need to change or evolve this can be done quickly and the impact of replacing any work to date is minimal.

Strawman Strategy:

  • Benchmarking and our understanding of state
  • Our value proposition, now and into the future
  • Where we want to go and why
  • High level plans, tactics and actions to get there
  • Focusing and refining the opportunities and objectives
  • Assessing how to best build relationships and exchanges that define
  • Recommending changes to structures, ways of working and skills to ensure we can
  • Moving to more agile behaviours to promote cultures of experimentation and rapid shares learning
  • What’s the best way for my organisation to structure and operate to realise digital dividends?
  • How do our people need to behave and interoperate to continue to accelerate?

The Questions We Can Help You Answer 

  • How do we bring everything together and ensure our plans are cohesive, market beating, understandable and robust?
  • What capture of strategy allows us to refine and validate in the spirit of agile evolution where change and improvement is the only constant?
  • How do we communicate our work to our stakeholders to invite input and feedback?
  • And on board them with the vision in order to ratify our plans and approach?
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