How Ready Are You to Move Forward?

The business environment is quickly changing with the democratization of digital technology, new customer expectations and digital business models. It is creating a “new normal” business landscape with a new set of pre-requisites, rules and expectations. 

It can be seen as a digital business revolution where almost 50% of all Fortune 500 companies have been phased out of business since year 2000 and replaced by new digital companies – with new business models, offerings and leadership.  Only the companies and organizations prepared for this future business environment and what comes next are likely to survive and thrive. Being prepared means understanding the forces at play, and having the right capabilities to master new customer expectations, agility, and innovation.

Do you have any of the following questions?

  • How ready and well equipped are we to respond to what's next?
  • Where are our strengths, weaknesses and gaps? 
  • Where are we benchmarked against our competitors? Now and into the future?
  • How do we prioritise areas we need to address to be more future-ready?
  • And what actions need to be planned and delivered to be best prepared?

Introducing the Future Readiness Workshop

We designed the future readiness assessment as a rapid means to understand where you are in your market segment and how ready you are to move forward.

Atmosphere offers a packaged service to investigate how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the business model in the digital business landscape. This is done by leveraging two standardized services that jointly investigate the business model from these different perspectives. 


  • Engaging, involving and fun
  • Learning in Action
  • Clarity and Alignment
  • Creates time, space and impetus to explore
  • Expert facilitators and 2 experts guiding the program

Looking to Understand How Ready You Are for the Future?


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