Pilots and Proofs of Concept

Ready to bring the digital transformation to life, pilots and proofs of concept are initiatives designed to ‘kick-start’ the adoption of new, more digital behaviours and an approach to iterative development that results in driving upstream engagement with our audiences.

Recognising which areas are likely to achieve early stage success and beginning to act on them is important to see plans turned into action and to bring people with us along the journey. Pilots also begin to prove out our ability to act and explore opportunities in new areas. Learning is pivotal from these to not only improve each individual pilot initiatives but also to transfer lessons across workstreams and to more broadly broker momentum and increase success.


  • Demonstrate feasibility
  • Practice new methods and approaches including agile, fast prototyping and cross functional collaborative working
  • Gain initial audience validation – is this useful? Does it add value?
  • Test assumptions and iterate as required
  • Set the project up for future success
  • Or pivot or bin it should our learning indicate it’s not right in its current form and will only marry to our objectives with either considered change or if it no longer continues (which is in itself essential learning in a lower risk way)

The Questions We Can Help You Answer 

  • Which initiatives are the best places to start
  • How can we prove our new working practice and begin to gain momentum off early stage exploration and success?
  • How can we apply ourselves to agile behaviours and rapid validation?
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