Responding to the Impacts of COVID19

The business environment has radically changed... and is still changing at great speed. Businesses recognise that there are opportunities to be had, but may not know how to take advantage of them in the face of continuing uncertainty. Yet as business leaders, we’ve still got jobs to do.

The task at hand is to build forward momentum, addressing the current challenges and emerging more resilient and better equipped to thrive.

Do you have any of the following questions?

  • How do we respond right now to the challenges we're facing?
  • Where do we need to focus? 
  • How do we prioritise amongst uncertainty?
  • How do we build resilience?
  • How can we better prepare for the next wave of change?

Introducing the Refocus Workshop

We designed the Atmosphere refocus as a response to the landscape we find ourselves in. Across 100s of conversations with business leaders, whereas all different, a recurring theme was a lack of clarity on what to do next in the face of COVID19 and increasing change. 

And this lack of clarity is understandable, no one knows what's going to happen next. Whilst its also a product of what is. Yet this is not a time for stasis. 

Building on an initial assessment we facilitate a 1-day workshop that sets you up with a reframed strategy and a prioritised set of actions to begin building agility, innovation, resilience and speed of decision making into the business as the key values for the new business landscape.



The Refocus Workshop starts the process of adapting to the new environment. Its aims are to:

  • Make sense of uncertainty through practicing adaptive thinking
  • Define an adaptive business strategy
  • Develop a clear framework to evaluate and prioritise change and transformation projects
  • A concrete roadmap/actions/priorities (high-level) for next three months


The day covers:


Defining the situation

  • Assessing the here and now
  • Identify the learnings from the initial lockdown
  • Define possible scenarios to explore
  • Shift strategic focus toward resilience, adaptability and innovation 

Planning to adapt & change

  • Define the new value drivers
  • Design new ways of doing things
  • Build a strategic backlog
  • Prioritise actions and milestones for 90-day plan

Delivering Adaptability

  • Building resilience and agility
  • Creating momentum
  • Ensuring the relevance of actions through feedback and learning
  • Accelerating value creation now while preparing for what may happen


  • Creating the conditions to surface what matters
  • Facilitating decision making
  • Involving key leaders to broker buy-in
  • Clarity and Alignment
  • Proven transferable frameworks and tools
  • Actionable 90 days plans to build resilience and adaptability

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