Technology & Data Effectiveness

With the rise in acceptance and adoption of digital technology, the organisation sought to achieve the benefits of collaboration and knowledge sharing. This, as most will recognise, has also brought a huge increase in the volume of data that is held, both owned and shared.

Contemporary technology deployment looks to gain:

  • Efficiencies
  • Productivity
  • Sharing
  • Knowledge transfer
  • ROI

Further, the increasing march of marketing technology toolsets, suites and SaaS providers have enabled a whole new set of data that can help us to leverage the benefits of a better understanding of our customers:

  • Data led segmentation
  • Marketing automation through lead generation and engagement
  • Personalisation
  • Advances in AI to further automate engagement

Atmosphere helps organisations understand the current state of its technology and data led benefits, assessing how effective current deployments are and where there are gaps and improvements to be had either through better adoption and utilisation or marriage of strategic objectives into future planning informing IT deployments and activation.

The Questions We Can Help You Answer 

  • How effective are our systems and where are they leveraged and measured for ROI?
  • Where the gaps in in any ROI equation and why? For example, CRM that may be deployed however not used effectively to drive out the benefits?
  • How well is data leveraged?
  • From where it is stored through to connection points and the ability to gain insight that brokers actionable improvement?
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