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Join us on the 15th December 2022 at 8am (GMT) in the morning for a free hour-long webinar introducing a new perspective on leadership; one designed for periods, like this, of intense uncertainty, disruption, and opportunity.

We will look at the patterns underlying the challenges of Covid, the climate crisis and economic disruption from war, new working and living habits. We will explore how these events, and their interactions, signal the end of a paradigm and the emergence of a new business environment.

We'll cover:
  • Paradigms, shifts and the emerging 4th industrial revolution - this is more than just technology, it is a revolution across all of our social, political, economic existence
  • A window into the future, trends, meta crises and new opportunities
  • The adaptability imperative, facing into uncertainty, how must business respond?
  • Practical approaches to develop strategic foresight, activate adaptive transformations, and become future ready
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