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Sam Colyer
Atmosphere Inspires is our regular curation of news and views from the digital sphere; the lead stories that are affecting you and your business.

Stories catching our attention

UK Robotics Week: is the UK lagging behind?

Interesting points raised from the UK Robotics Week 2017 last week. Earlier this year the UK government announced a multi-million pound funding package towards robotics and AI. However, a key conversation at Robotics Week suggested that the funding pledge towards AI and robotics is not enough: “the UK’s central investment in this critical technology for economic renewal is minuscule when set against Japan’s”. So when it comes to AI, the UK must keep up with it’s peers: it’s worth noting that in September 2016 Accenture estimated that “AI could add in the region of £654 billion ($814 billion) to the UK economy by 2035”.

Is it time to upgrade your PMO to an RDO?

The function of a Programme Management Office (PMO) is probably familiar territory: but effective leaders navigating through the realms of change are now focusing on coaching and building organizational capability and capacity for change in the shape of a newly defined role: “Results Delivery Officer (RDO)”. We think businesses need to be prepared to review existing, and perhaps already well performing functions within their businesses, and the PMO function isn’t a bad place to start. Take a look at this piece on how the existing PMO function can impact transformation from Forbes last year.

Apple to get up close and personal with 3D sensors

As machines get smarter, it’s prudent, and perhaps essential that key providers prioritise security by strengthening the use of biometric data. Rumour has it that Apple will rival Samsung (with their less than successful iris scanner) with a 3D sensor which will scan your face to unlock a device. It was probably only a matter of time before the humble fingerprint was replaced, and if successful it’s likely to catch on pretty quickly. Apple is also working on new updates to improve AI functionality, with a key output being an increase in battery life, no doubt something which will be welcomed by all Apple users.

Go on…..throw on a digital layer

The speed in which platform providers can upscale is unprecedented - think Netflix, Airbnb, etc. Andrew McAfee at MIT talks about key opportunities available to companies when they are able to apply “a very thin digital layer on top an existing real-world industry” which is an insightful way of explaining how these companies are able to go from zero to a hundred in such a short timescale. This concept can be linked back to business: it’s not always about creating something brand new: carry out a review on existing functions, and challenge what you think you already know, and you’ll be heading in the right direction.

Move over Siri, there’s a new girl in town

ElliQ is the new girl on the block, and she’s definitely worth talking about. Aimed to make technology both accessible and simple for an older generation, she certainly couldn’t be more current as hurtle towards an ever increasing ageing population. ElliQ is set up to be an assistant but also a companion for those in their senior years, and it’s the companion aspect that interests us: at what point does a robot stop being a robot and become a friend, or even a family member? Who knows, in the future you could be taking your new robot pal down the pub for a pint or two...

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