Neil Honwad Internship Post


Atmosphere loves fostering new talent, helping to grow the next generation of critical thinkers who are passionate about discovery, analysis, presenting and who are hungry for feedback as they continue to develop their approach to problem solving.

Neil was one of our fantastic interns from early 2016, and we are proud to publish his work on our blog. Neil has gone on to a placement in California and we will follow his career with great interest.


My time at Atmosphere has been more than sufficient to say the least. Before working here, I had garnered a great deal of experience in both creative production and logistical marketing work. Coming to Atmosphere was a great experience for the timing in my career, as I was able to combine both sides of my experience to learn hierarchal strategy. This gave me a more executive perspective on how to handle matters such as advertising, consulting, public relations, and particularly digital transformation.

I had great mobility and freedom to choose my tasks. At Atmosphere, the staff were very open to allowing me to truly gain the most of my experience. I got great opportunities to work directly with clients and talk to brand managers, but then also to really analyze a business and its customer segments to then produce creative work. I had great experience getting to work on infographics, engine optimization, video, digital, social media, etc.

Something I was excited to learn, though did not enjoy on reflection, is search engine optimization. It was something that I felt was crucial to understand in this industry for the future. Asides that, I really enjoyed creative planning as it really helped me understand how to utilize all of my skills for a higher purpose.

Besides those things, the greatest experiences I had working at Atmosphere was working with my fellow employees. The team are so patient and so willing to push you to new limits. My supervisor always pushed me to think way outside of the box. They always pushed me to question how could we take existing concepts and work them into something new and unique. This really allowed me to learn a new creative space.

All in all, I had an incredible experience at Atmosphere. There was no certain mold to fit and no redundant tasks for the intern, with something new to always work on, and something exciting always to anticipate. I would recommend any new intern to simply have an open frame of mind. In this business, you have to be adaptable to new challenges and tasks always and not be afraid to really try something new. I wish anyone new the best of luck!




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